Victorias Foods Corporation (VFC) is a company primarily engaged in the businesses of canned fish and meat processing. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Victorias Milling Company, Inc. (VMC).

The company introduced its first commercial production of Victorias’ brand Spanish Style Hot Sardines and Hot Bangus in the late ‘70s. As consumer tastes expanded, new variants of Bangus and Sardines were introduced in the ‘90s as well. Soon after, the brand’s Luncheon Meat was introduced to complement its hot-selling product line.

VFC made its breakthrough in meat processing when it launched its sweet tasting American Cooked Ham, Smoked Bacon, Chinese ham, and Chorizo in the early 2000s. Recent additions include classic Filipino favorites such asTocino and Beef Tapa.

To maintain freshness, VFC continues to source its meat and fish only from the province of Negros. This makes Victorias products truly and proudly Negros-made, and a premium pasalubong of choice for Filipinos here and abroad.

Currently, 75% of the Victorias goods are exported to the U.S. The rest is made available in selected areas in Negros. With this foothold, the company is now focused on increasing its production capacity, with the goal of introducing world-class Filipino food to a larger geographic market.