Investor Relations

Continuing a responsible relationship with investors. As a company committed to sustaining profitability, focus, and a healthy level of competitiveness, VMC is determined to push its objectives in a manner consistent with its corporate codes and policies.

A big part of this effort involves keeping its stockholders and stakeholders informed of important developments to empower them to make sound decisions on matters that require their attention. As an organization, VMC also remains mindful of key risk areas and performance indicators to anticipate and prepare for possible threats to its stability and success.

The Director’s office is built upon trust and confidence—as such, his actions are guided by transparency, accountability, and fairness. The Board, on the other hand, is committed to fully disclose material information at all times, including any information that could potentially affect share prices, financial viability, or the interest of the company stockholders. The Board likewise affirms its commitment to conduct itself with honesty and integrity to ensure consistent best practice in all its undertakings on behalf of the Company.

As the Company continues to build its strengths, it holds its shareholders’ best interests as a priority and is steadfast in its commitment to maintain stockholder confidence and optimism at all times.